Train Station Pizza has been in business for 35 years. Our pizzeria is located in an old train station building in the Buhl. ID area. We’ve completely renovated the building to add:

Wheelchair-accessible areas

A lounge area with a variety of beer and wines

A Hall of Freedom for military, police and firefighter personnel

Our extended menu offers a wide range of food options to please every palate. The lounge area also features a big-screen television for sports entertainment viewing.

Contact Train Station Pizza when you’re craving Italian food in Buhl, ID.

We’re happy to honor local heroes

In addition to delicious Italian food, you’ll love the atmosphere at our Buhl, ID location. The old train station building features a Hall of Freedom to honor local heroes. Members of the military, police and firefighter departments receive a 10% discount.

Visit Train Station Pizza today to try our pasta dishes in Buhl, ID.